5 Crucial Snapchat Metrics Brands Should be Tracking in 2018

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For brands trying to reach the millennial audience, Snapchat is still stunningly under the marketing radar. Every single day, 6 billion Snaps are watched on Snapchat. 

To put that number in perspective, Facebook is getting 8 billion daily video views and YouTube is getting roughly 4 billion video views per day. 

But the huge factor that makes Snapchat so different from the other platforms on the market right now is that 100% of its views are come strictly from mobile users.

Marketers are slowly but surely understanding that Snapchat is a huge opportunity for their brand to get massive attention from the millennial audience.

Although Snapchat is still a largely untapped space by brands and marketers, this won't be the case for long. In fact, 2016 has seen a record number of brands moving to adopt Snapchat.

While marketers have spent the better part of the year getting used to the platform, the biggest complaint that Snapchat users have is that there isn't a way to measure an account's analytics.

Although though there isn't a simple analytics tool that Snapchat provides, an account's Snapchat analytics can be found in other ways.

Here are the 5 snapchat Analytics to Measure success on snapchat in 2017:


1. Total Snapchat Story Completions


Snapchat stories can be one Snap or it can also be 100 Snaps long. One of the key metrics that you should be measuring for your Snapchat, is how many people are actually completing your Snapchat Story. 

Simply look at the number of people who have viewed the last Snap of your Snapchat story to understand how many people actually completed your entire story. 

The more views the last frame of your Snap story gets, the more people who have watched your content all the way through. 

2. Snap Completion Rate:


*This is different from recording just how many people completed your Snapchat Story. 

Not only should you be recording how many people completed your Snap story (see #1), you should also be recording the completion rate of each of your Snap Stories.

For example, if you had 10 people watch your first Snap in your story and you had 5 views at the end of your story, your completion rate for the day would be 50%.

3. Number Of Snap Story Screenshots


What makes Snapchat very different from other platforms out there, is there are no comments, likes, retweets, or shares.

However, Snapchat provides how many people took screenshots of each Snap. Not only should you be documenting how many people are screenshotting your Snaps, you should also use how many people screenshotted your Snapchat content as an engagement factor.

For example, you can instruct your followers to screenshot your second, third, or fourth Snap in your story depending on their favorite choice.

4. Number Of Unique Views Each Snap Receives


These are the number of people who opened up each and viewed each Snap in your story. You can find this number by looking at the number of people who opened the first snap of a story and totaling up the views each Snap gets each day. 

5. Total Number Of Snaps In Your Story

You should be measuring the total number of Snaps you took for your story each day.

That way, if there is a dip in your Snapchat views and screenshots, you'll know you only took a few Snaps that day.

In conclusion...

Although tracking your Snapchat account's metrics can be time consuming, it's important to understand whether your brand is making positive progress.

Otherwise, your brand won't be able to know what Snapchat content works and what content doesn't work with your followers.

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