4th Of July Template #1

4th Of July Template #1


How It Works

  • Choose a template and complete your order

  • Provide the text you would like changed during check-out

  • Provide the address and time frame you would like your geofilter to run

  • We will deliver your geofilter within 24 hours

  • Once your geofilter is completed by us, we will send you the design for you to approve. Once you approve, we set everything up through Snapchat on your behalf and enjoy your custom Snapchat geofilter!


Template Pricing

  • All geofilter templates cost $25 + The Snapchat fee
  • Once your geofilter is approved by Snapchat, we will send you the bill for Snapchat's geofilter fee.

  • If your geofilter is denied, we will guarantee you a 100% refund.

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