Facebook Is Copying Snapchat Geofilters With Location Frames

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

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Facebook is back at it again with ripping off yet another Snapchat feature. This time, Facebook has been observing the exploding popularity of Snapchat geofilters and has decided that it wants a cut of the market.

But instead of "Facebook Geofilters", the tech goliath is soon unveiling what they call "Location Frames".


Location frames will work the exact same way that Snapchat geofilters currently function. Facebook frames will be photo overlays that are exclusive to an area for a finite amount of time. Everyone within the given area will be able to use the Facebook location frame as many times as they want (as long as the location frame is running).



Just like Snapchat filters, users will have the ability to create and design Facebook frames for specific public locations like cities, neighborhoods, and landmarks.


Users will also be able to create location frames for personal parties, wedding, and other non-location exclusive events.


"Facebook Geofilters" are currently being tested and are slowly going to be rolled out to the masses in the upcoming months. 


Facebook Frames will also give users the ability to add filters to their profile pictures as well. However, this feature is currently only being expanded to Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, the UK and Ireland.

Mashable reports that these “new features are launching under a newly created Camera Effects Platform, which hints at a future expansion.” 

Will Facebook Geofilters be a thing? 

What do you think?

Will you be using Facebook's location frames any time soon? If so, will you abandon Snapchat custom filter platform? 

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