New Snapchat Update: Augmented Reality World Lenses, Rewind and Share Snap Stories

  • 3 min read

Snapchat just released a huge update for their iOS and Android application. Snapchat is continuing to innovate and it's very clear that each update they put out, is highly calculated.

Here are the 4 big changes that Snapchat just unveiled: 

1. Snapchat Is Expanding Their Augmented Reality With "World Lenses"

The tech company took another giant step forward in augmented reality with what they are calling as new "World "Lenses". With this new update, not only can you use the fun selfie lenses like the famous dog lens, Snapchat has now made it possible to put lenses on your surroundings.

One of the new World Lenses that Snapchat just debuted allows you to Snap videos and pictures surrounded by wide-eyed clouds that puke rainbows and sparkle around the user.

Snapchat plans to also roll out World Lenses that will animate not only your environment, but will also augment your face as well. 


2. Share Snap Stories With Anyone

Snapchat's update also made it possible for users to now have the ability to send anyone's Snapchat Stories to their friends. Simply open up a Snap Story, tap and hold for a second or two, and you can send the Snap off to your friends.


3. Snapchat Is Gearing Up For Snap Spectacles

Snapchat is also gearing up for the highly anticipated release of their new wearables product, Spectacles. The latest Snapchat update also quietly added a new option in the app's settings to pair the wearable device to your app through bluetooth.


4. Rewind Snapchat Stories


The last feature that Snapchat just debuted is almost certainly going to give them a bit of scrutiny. Snapchat is taking a page out of Instagram Stories with the app update. It is now possible to rewind Snap Stories. Simply tap left on a Snap and you can rewind and go back to the previous Snap.

It's clear Snapchat is making carefully calculated updates to prepare for the big unveiling of their highly anticipated wearables, "Snap Spectacles". Snapchat is growing every day and does not appear to be slowing down.