Snapchat May Be Adding Non-Skippable 3 Second Ads Between Snaps


2018 has already been huge for the 7 year old company called Snapchat. 

The latest news?

As Ad Age reported, Snapchat is seriously considering changing their advertisement platform in an unprecedented way. 

Snapchat is currently testing and considering implementing 3 second non-skippable ads in between Snaps. This is sparking controversy because Snapchat has famously always allowed their users to instantly skip any advertisements while browsing Snaps. 


So why is this happening?

It may be because Snapchat users are reportedly averaging less than 3 seconds watching an ad before they swiftly tap the ad closed

Some of the top advertisers on the platform have been vocal in their experience.

“Advertisers are not spending as much as they have previously with Snapchat,” says the top advertiser from a brand that works closely with the messaging service. “They have to do something that draws more interest from advertisers, and they are getting more aggressive to address the market’s needs.”

One theory behind Snap's sudden change to boost advertisements may be due to the fact that they just spent $4 million dollars on a New Year's Eve party featuring the rapper, Drake.


As of right now, Snapchat has not made any public comments about the future of Snap ads. 

But what are your thoughts? If Snapchat implements the new 3 second mandatory advertisements in Snaps, are you still going to use the app?

Let us know in the comments below.

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