New Snapchat Update: Snapchat Just Updated Memories, Eliminating White Space

  • 3 min read

Snapchat quietly just released one of the most significant updates to date. Before today, whenever you went to upload Snaps to your story from your Snapchat memories, there were ugly white lines around your image.

Before Snapchats latest update, whenever you sent to upload a Snap to memories your Snap would look like this:


Now, whenever you upload a Snap from your "Memories", your Snap looks like this (without the white lines):


Here's a side by side comparison:

Source:  TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

What's significant about this new update and perhaps one of the reasons Snapchat has been quiet about it, is this could actually be seen as Snapchat copying a feature from Instagram Stories. 

Not only can it be perceived as Snapchat stealing from Facebook for a change, but it's a humbling observation that Snapchat clearly saw this feature working on it's main competitor's app, and unromantically decided to appease it's own users.

This is yet another great update by Snap, but if they want to continue to stay one step ahead of Facebook, they need to maintain their momentum and continue to innovate.