How To Add Links, Backdrops, And Voice Filters On Snapchat (Tutorial)

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Snapchat just dropped a huge new update that adds three new creative tools that allow users to: add backdrops (or backgrounds) to your Snaps — filters that alter your voice (without the need of using a visual filter) and — most importantly, the Paperclip feature: which allows Snapchatters to link out when sending Snaps (similar to how Instagram stories allows business accounts with over 10,000 followers).


To add a link to a Snap, simply tap the paperclip icon and input a URL, and tap the send button. This will allow people who receive your Snap either on your story or sending a private Snap to be able to swipe up and access the link.


Previously, only brands on Discover could add links to Snaps. Now, Snapchat has made it possible for anyone on the app to send 'swipe-able links' in their Snaps. Not only does this change the way that people will use the app, Instagram also will most likely change their policy of only allowing business accounts with over 10,000 followers to add links to Stories.

Snapchat told TechCrunch that all shared links are still going to be required to abide by its terms of service, community guidelines, and privacy policy. 

Snapchat will also offer a short preview next to the 'swipe-up to open the link arrow' to help users not open harmful links.


Mashable's report.


The backdrops functionality is a similar to the way you can add a geofilter to a Snap but instead of going on top of a photo, the 'backdrop' will go behind the photo in the background. In order to add a backdrop, simply trace the area in your photo that you want to add a backdrop, and then choose a backdrop.

Voice filters allow you to enhance your videos with fun voice-changing effects. Before now, you would only be able to use these types of filters with a lense that also made visual changes to your face or photo.