How To Use Snapchat's New Sky Filters [New Snapchat Update]

  • 2 min read


Snapchat is currently in full swing, trying to outdo Facebook's most successful Snapchat clone yet, also known as Instagram. 

So what's the latest scoop on the innovation from Snap?

Sky Filters.

Snapchat is taking a giant step forward in the realm of augmented reality with the unveiling of new filters that transform any boring photo with a clear sky into something truly amazing.


In order to a apply a sky filter on Snapchat, simply take a Snap and swipe just as you do to when you use geofilters or other filters.

The filters will rotate daily with new forecasts according to a Snapchat press release emailed to Elite Daily.


The new update is currently being slowly rolled out on iOS and Android so if you don't have Sky Filters yet, be sure you have the latest update. If you still don't have any lucky, just be patient and look for the filters within the next day or so. Team