How To Get A Snapchat Geofilter Outside Of The United States In 2018


Are you outside of the United States and still want to enjoy Snapchat Geofilters? You're in luck! First, understand that there are two types of Geofilters.

A "Community Geofilter" as Snapchat calls it, is a geofilter that is unique to a certain city, university, or local landmark. For example, the classic geofilters you see when you visit a city is classified as a Community Geofilter. 

Community Geofilters are currently available to every country. Community Geofilters are also free to submit, however Snapchat is very strict on accepting these types of filters and only a small margin of submissions actually make it through to go live. 

  • Community Geofilter's cannot have any personal branding, logos, or personal names.
  • Snapchat reviews Community Geofilters on a first come first serve basis.
  • Depending on how backed up the Snapchat Geofilter Submission team is, it can sometimes take a week or two to hear back if your Snapchat filter was accepted or not.

Also, Community Geofilters have to be relevant to the specific community in which they are set. Otherwise, Snapchat will not will not accept your filter. Read more about the Community Geofilter Guidelines here.


Why am I getting "geofence is not in a purchasable area" or "Invalid Geofence" when I go to set up my Geofilter on Snapchat?


Interestingly enough, On-Demand geofilters are not available world-wide just yet. Despite 90% of Snap's revenue geofilters making up

Even though 90% of Snapchat's revenue comes from selling ads, the company is slowly rolling out On-Demand geofilters across the world.

On-Demand Geofilters Are Available In What Countries?

If you are wanting to get a personal or business Geofilter (or "On-Demand Geofilter" as Snapchat calls them), unfortunately, these filters are currently only available to:

  • The United States

  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • France
  • Brazil

If you are outside of these countries and still want your own personal Snapchat Geofilter, it's simply not possible at this moment. 

However, there are rumors that Snapchat is planning to expand to more parts of Europe, South America, and Asia within the next few months.


Unlike the free Community Geofilters, Snapchat charges a fee based on the size and duration that your "On-Demand Geofilter" runs.

However, with On-Demand Geofilters, you can have personal and business branding such as logos, names, and other information that doesn't have to be relevant to the area.

How people and brands are using and consuming geofilters has been in a state of constant change ever since Snapchat first opened up the platform to the public almost 1 year ago today.

If you want a deeper understanding on how custom filters work, check out our awesome guide on how to use geofilters on snapchat.


When submitting an On-Demand Geofilter, you have complete control over how long your filter runs. You can set your filter's time to a minimum of 1 hour or a maximum of 1 year.

Be sure you're following Snapchat's On-Demand Geofilter guidelines, or else your filter will be rejected.

However, keep in mind that the longer your On-Demand Geofilter runs, and the larger the area that it covers, the more Snapchat will charge for their Geofilter submission fee.

With Community Geofilters, Snapchat has full control of how long your filter runs. On average, Community Geofilters are only active for around a week or two.

If you're doing everything yourself, check out our complete geofilter maker's guide here for more information on how to design and set up your geofilter through Snapchat.

If you're wanting to avoid the hassle, go here to learn more on how you can get your own customized geofilter created and set up on Snapchat on your behalf.

We hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us. 

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