What Are The Snapchat Geofilter Submission Guidelines In 2019? [An Infographic]

  • 2 min read

Looking to understand Snapchat's submission guidelines for on-demand geofilters?

We've put together an easy to understand infographic of what Snapchat does and doesn't allow in personal geofilters.


Quick Summary Of What Snapchat Allows In On-Demand Geofilters:

  • First and last names

  • No photographs

  • No phone numbers

  • No email addresses

  • No hashtags

  • Don't use logos/trademarks you don't own or have permission to use

  • No social media handles like "@BuyCustomGeofilters"

  • No drug related content

  • No profanity

  • No sexual content

Go here to see some examples of on-demand geofilters that Snapchat has accepted in the past in our gallery.

BuyCustomGeofilters.com Team