How To Get More Snapchat Followers By Adding Friends From Facebook

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Here at, we get emails all of the time from people inquiring about how to grow their Snapchat followers. The interesting thing about Snapchat that really sets it apart from other social networks, is that it is rather difficult to get followers (compared to the other social networks).

Google does not scrape Snapchat usernames and Snaps. There are a few extra steps you have to take in order to follow someone on Snapchat. So what comes with that, is on average, people are not following a large amount of people on their Snapchat accounts. Because people are following less people on Snapchat than lets say, their Instagram, that means it's easier to win their attention.

For example, if a user is following you and 1000 people on Instagram and the same user is following you and 50 other people on Snapchat, how likely is your content to get seen? The answer: your content is significantly more likely to get seen on Snapchat in this scenario.

That is what makes Snapchat king right now. There isn't clutter yet (like what happened with Twitter) and the attention is still there. 

The hard part is actually establishing a follower base on Snapchat and growing it from there. Many people go to tremendous lengths in order to grow their Snapchat following. However, these same people neglect the simple Snapchat tricks that take minutes to do and have a huge return. 

We've created a simple step by step guide to boost your Snapchat following right out of the gate.

Even if your Snapchat has thousands of followers, or only a few, use this simple Snapchat hack and start using your contacts and friends that you already know. 

How To Get More Snapchat Followers By Adding Friends From Facebook (Infographic)


How To Get More Snapchat Followers By Adding Friends From Facebook (Tutorial with Gifs)

Step 1: Go To Your Phone's "Settings"


Step 2: Scroll Down And Select "Facebook"


Step 3: Scroll Down And Select "Update All Contacts"


What you are doing here is simply syncing up the latest information for your address book. This is updating and adding your new friends' phone numbers and emails that are tied to their Facebook account.

If you're like me and most people, you likely use one email and one phone number for the majority of your social media accounts.

Once your phone finishes updating all of your contacts, your Facebook contacts will automatically be added to your phone's directory and address book. 

This is the most important step so make sure that you do it correctly. Otherwise, it won't work when we go to sync these contacts in Snapchat on Step 7.

Step 4: Open Snapchat


Step 5: Tap the white snapchat ghost at the top


Step 6: Select "Add Friends"


Step 7: Select "Add From Contacts"


Step 8: Add Snapchat Friends


Your Facebook friends (and any other contacts that were updated) will now be pulled up and all you have to do is add tap to add them!

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In Conclusion...

Take a few minutes to implement this simple Snapchat trick and you'll be on your way to growing and establishing a strong base for your Snap audience. 

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