9 Reasons You Are Absolutely Going To Buy A Pair Of Snap Spectacles


Snapchat has finally evolved into more than a simple software business. The brand has launched its first wearable hardware called 'Spectacles' eyeglasses. The San Francisco-based startup has unveiled a "one-size-fits-all" pair of sunglasses with the capacity to record video.

Snap Spectacles will come with a tap button located near the hinge, which when tapped will instantly go about recording 10 seconds of first-person video footage based on what the particular wearer is looking at. You can tap 2 to 3 times and you will record a 20 second or 30 second video.


The video is then instantly synchronized with a linked smartphone, and may then presumably be submitted to Snapchat showing the video footage with a linked network of friends.


For keeping the glasses powered up, they'll be charged in their own dedicated case. Gleam light on the wearable which lights up when recording.

Snap's new wearable is interesting for several reasons; one being the actual fact that Spectacles has actually experienced development for several years without dropping into the general population domain. 

In addition, it seems that Spiegel has been a sizable driving pressure behind the look of the hardware, with a huge emphasis put on recording occasions as captured by the eye.

Snapchat, or Snap Inc, as the company is now known for, is moving Spectacles out with limited syndication in the beginning as the business tries to learn if the hardware meets into people's lives. The wearable is accessible in the three colors, Cyan, Red, and Black.

 Source: Spectacles.com

Source: Spectacles.com



Snap Spectacles have been referred to as the “next arrival of Google Glass”, considering that in 2014, Snapchat bought Vergence Labs - a startup that actually creates Google Glass like eyewear. 

Although Snap Inc. unquestionably hopes that they can have more stamina than Google's ill-fated wearable.

Here are the 9 Reasons You Are Absolutely Going To Buy A Pair Of Snap Spectacles:

1. Spectacles Are Surprisingly affordable

A Google Glass Explorer Model costs $1,500. Spectacles will cost a more sensible $130. 

2. You Can Snap Without Using Your Phone


Spectacles hook up via Bluetooth or WiFi to your iPhone or Android device, and add the video footage to your Memories then; after that, you can just tap the button on the side to take a picture or video that uploads directly to your Snapchat Story.

Despite the fact that Spectacles films video in a 360 degree, round format, your Snaps could be played in family portrait or surroundings orientation: Snapchat will automatically crop them as you turn your device.

3. Spectacles Battery Life Is Incredible

A pair of Spectacles comes with its own charging battery case and USB plug. Snapchat said Snapchat Spectacles' battery packs will last in regards to a day, and the outward-facing light on the glasses will provide as a electric battery indication that you can increase tap to observe how much life they have gone.


You may get about a day trip of your Spectacles, Snap says. The outward-facing light is also a power sign -- double-tap it and you will observe how much charge you have gone.

4. Snap Spectacles Are Brilliantly Simple To Use

Spectacles are incredibly easy to handle (picture or training video), 

You'll touch a button in the most notable left-hand nook of the glasses. It'll automatically stop saving after 10 minutes top, nevertheless, you can touch again to include another 10-second increment (you can track record up to 30 secs at the same time).


You will see a inward-facing light if you are snapping, while an outward facing-light showing others if you are recording and they are in your field of view.

When wearing Spectacles, tap the button at the top left area of the glasses to start saving a snap. It will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds. Tap the button 2 to 3 times to save 20 or 30 second video.

5. Snap Spectacles Are A 'Go-Pro' On Steroids

 Whilst Google experienced criticism for distracting motorists and making interactions uncomfortable as users were often concentrating on the in-built computer, Snap specs seem to be to be moving in a different way. 

Spectacles are absolutely not just ‘Smart Glasses'. Instead, Spectacles should be regarded as a far more convenient, less extreme, Go-Pro. Spectacles are techie in a much less serious way than Google Glass is. 

Snap Spectacles are a way for users to enjoy and share fun activities in the sun with their friends, and never have to be distracted by the moment from their smartphones.

6. Snap Spectacles Are About To Completely Change Concerts


The days of dealing with a sea of phones up at concerts is soon over. Spectacles is undoubtedly about to make being in the moment so much easier.

7. You’ll Never Hear “Oh It’s A Video” Again


No longer will the awkwardness of Snapping a video of someone who is unsuspecting. Spectacles light up, letting everyone around know that you're recording a video for Snapchat.

8. Spectacles Allow You To Use Snapchat Without Burning Your Phone’s Battery

Spectacles just changed the music festival game. Because Spectacles hook up through your phone's bluetooth, the wearables themselves will be the ones who's battery is drained, not actually your phone. 

You can Snap all day and still have a great charge on your phone.

9. Spectacles Allow You To Record In "Circular Video"


Need we say more?

In Conclusion:

Snap's highly anticipated Spectacles were just released to the market today and have already received tremendous praise from users and critics.

Are you going to get a pair? Let us know below in the comments.

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