Snapchat Just Revealed New Scavenger Hunt-Style Augmented Reality Art

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Snapchat just unveiled their new augmented reality platform that features Pop Artist Jeff Koons showcasing the latest new feature. Snap has now made it possible for artists to submit and pin their own work to the platform.

Meaning, artists will be able to create and pin their work to different places around the world so Snapchatters can discover and use the new augmented reality art when they hold up their phones at the right locations (similar to the now famous dancing hot dog augmented reality lens).

Snapchat coincidentally chose Jeff Koons as the face of their new platform. Koons is currently working with Jay-Z and has created a 40-foot Balloon Dog for HOV's festival tour.


Here's what Jeff Koons thinks of the latest release of the new art:


Snapchat has released the feature with Koons’s artwork around the world (see the photos below of Las Vegas, Paris, and Sydney).


In order to find the new Pokemon-Go style Augmented Reality Snapchat Art, simply go to to see the list of the latest coordinates of the lenses.


Once you get close enough to the lens, you will see an indicator within the app that shows (in real-time) exactly which direction you need to head towards in order to find the new lens.


Once you arrive at the location, you can Snap and move the new lens just like you would with the "dancing hot dog".

But how do artists pin their work with Snapchat's new platform?

As of right now, Snapchat is taking applications for people to be eligible. Simply go to to fill out the short application, and be sure to link your portfolio.


In Conclusion

Snap's latest attempt to capture the attention of the world has been met both with criticism and applause. If the company's latest platform can capture the hearts just as their dancing hot dog (who has been viewed over 1.5 billion times), Snapchat may be able to use this as a turning point from Facebook and Instagram's plot to stun Snap's growth.

What do you think? Will you be making the trek out to the different locations to discover the new Snapchat ART? Let us know in the comments below.

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