How To Use Custom Stories On Snapchat

Snapchat just dropped a bombshell of an update this week that some are labeling as a response to Facebook’s recently unveiled “stories” feature (which many claim is undoubtedly stolen from Snapchat’s longstanding platform). Snapchat is continuing to build on its innovative reputation, as it only recently released a new self-serve Snap ad toollimitless Snaps and new creative tools, and its newest addition: Custom Stories. The new feature is praised to give the app a more personal and customizable experience for users around the world, giving Snapchat an edge as a growing leader in social media. 

What Are Snapchat’s New Custom Stories?

Custom Stories are, in essence, the blending of two of Snapchat’s more successful features: on-demand geofilters and stories. The Custom Story allows users to create their own group story and specify exactly who gets to see and contribute, and in what area they can do so. Users are able to specify the geographical location where the story can be seen by other snapchatters and dictate who those snapchatters are. Settings within the app will give users the control to limit viewing of the story to only specified friends, or enable it to reach a wider audience.


Why Are Custom Stories On Snapchat Such A Huge Deal?

Custom Stories are a revolutionary new way for Snapchat to enter the space of becoming a special event social media platform; an area largely dominated by Facebook.


With Custom Stories, guests at parties, school dances, and other social or professional gatherings will be allowed to create a collaborative story; serving as an exclusive and involved activity guests will remember and enjoy.


How To Use Snapchat's New Custom Stories

To use custom stories, simply take a photo on snapchat and prepare to upload to “My Story” as usual. Just above the user’s story, a small button appears which allows the user to “Create Story”. Once this is selected, the user is taken to a menu which has the user specify the title of the story (“Nolan’s Birthday Party”, for example), whether to include or specify a geofence (discriminating where the story can be seen and contributed to), who can add to the story (either “friends” or “friends of friends”), and who can view the story.


Once these settings are confirmed, the story goes “live” immediately and is ready for users to create their Custom Story.


How Snapchat's Custom Stories Impacts Facebook

This new feature will likely position Snapchat as social-media-of-choice for special gatherings. With special events largely dominated by Facebook’s customizable event pages, Snapchat is firing back with a more unique social media feature by allowing users to immerse themselves into creating truly unique stories shared by everyone in attendance. Whether it be a camping trip, a wedding, or even a quiet day at home, Custom Stories enables users to create digital photo-stories which capture the essence of the day’s activities, whatever they may be. This new update is another huge step by Snap, moving closer into the live event space as Snapchat just released 'Stories Search' only a month ago.


This is also an opportunity for Snapchat to take a serious jab at Facebook and especially Instagram. The only product that Facebook currently has that comes close to competing with custom stories are Facebook custom event pages. With Facebook recently rolling out all-too-familiar “stories” and "location frames" features, it seems the social media giant has been playing “catch-up” when it comes to matching Snapchat’s social media innovation. While Custom Stories have only been out for one week, many are already eagerly anticipating Facebook’s response.