Snapchat's Instagram Clone Geofilter Just Won April Fools Day

  • 2 minute read

Facebook has dominated the news this week with it's release of it's latest Snapchat-like update, "Facebook Stories". 

Snapchat quietly responded with their own release of Stories Search, but publicly, Evan Spiegel and his team has remained silent.. until now.


Snapchat responded to Facebook's new update in perhaps one of the most hilarious stunts possible.

At the stroke of midnight of April 1st, Snap released an Instagram Clone custom Snapchat Geofilter for all of it's 150m+ daily users to enjoy. 

The response? Social media is absolutely loving it.


This recent move by Snapchat wasn't necessarily unexpected. Facebook has been "borrowing" features from Snapchat for a long time and shows no sign of slowing down (Facebook is even developing their own version of geofilters, called Location Frames).

Although this humorous taunt by Snapchat will make headlines, the company needs to continue to innovate and successfully execute on each of it's new updates if it intends to truly compete with the tech conglomerate that is Facebook.