How To Use Snapchat's New 'Snap Map' And What You Need To Know

  • 3 min read

Snapchat just released a game-changing update that is going to once again put them ahead of Facebook. The newest update will allow users to interact with each other in an entirely new way, pushing the facets of Snapchat to entirely new levels. 

What is Snapchat's new Snap Map?


SnapMap, released on Wednesday, will allow for users to see their friends on a real-time map. The update allows users to not only view where their friends are, but also allows viewing their stories posted at those locations. The map updates your location every time you use the app, and enables you to see not only where your friends are, but also what content they are posting at their respective locations. You can also specify who gets to see your location and whether they can see what you post. This brings real-world interaction to the social media app, changing the landscape and user experience within Snapchat dramatically.  

How Snapchat's Snap Map Works

To use SnapMap, simply “pinch” your screen while on your camera in Snapchat, as if you were zooming out of a picture. The SnapMap feature will then appear and you’ll be free to scroll around the map, view where your friends are, and watch their stories. You can tap on their map icon to allow private messaging, enabling users to meet up or create plans. 



This update brings an entirely new experience for Snapchat users. The app is moving from being a social media activity to a social media utility. SnapMap makes it easier for users to interact with each other in the real-world, rather than being confined to the app. This is a hefty shot against Facebook whose longtime goals have included connecting users to one another. Snapchat is officially entering the real-world social sphere, with Snap Map allowing users to meet up with each other, Group Stories allowing users to collectively contribute to their own unique group Snap story, and Geofilters to put a customized mark on an event or gathering.

Snapchat’s reach is extending beyond mobile devices and entering increasingly more aspects of users’ lives. This thrusts Snapchat forward in their plight for social media dominance, giving them an edge up on Facebook. While Facebook has been playing catch-up lately when it comes to stories and Location Frames (Geofilters), Snapchat is taking the opportunity to further advance their position as a social media giant.