How To Add Links, Backdrops, And Voice Filters On Snapchat (Tutorial)

Snapchat just dropped a huge new update that adds three new creative tools that allow users to: add backdrops (or backgrounds) to your Snaps — filters that alter your voice (without the need of using a visual filter) and — most importantly, the Paperclip feature: which allows Snapchatters to link out when sending Snaps (similar to how Instagram stories allows business accounts with over 10,000 followers).

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How To Use Custom Stories On Snapchat

Snapchat just dropped a bombshell of an update this week that some are labeling as a response to Facebook’s recently unveiled “stories” feature (which many claim is undoubtedly stolen from Snapchat’s longstanding platform). Snapchat is continuing to build on its innovative reputation, as it only recently released a new self-serve Snap ad tool, limitless Snaps and new creative tools, and its newest addition: Custom Stories. The new feature is praised to give the app a more personal and customizable experience for users around the world, giving Snapchat an edge as a growing leader in social media. 

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How To Use Snapchat's New Limitless Snaps, Looping Video, And More

Snapchat just released a huge new update that has made it even easier to create and send Snaps. Snapchat's new Limitless Snaps update gives Snapchatters new creative tools and editing functionality that will bring Snapchat content to an entirely new level. 

Snapchat's latest update now puts the disappearing functionality of Snaps entirely up to its users. Here's what the company had to say..

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