New Snapchat Update: Chronological Snap Stories Are Back

The company made the decision to change the way Snapchat Stories were displayed to an algorithmic feed last month.. the decision was met with huge backlash from users complaining they couldn't find their friends in the feed anymore. Snapchat's decision to backtrack on last month's update clearly is related to the enormous pressure users have given the company over the last month to change it back.

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Snapchat Filters: 10 Mistakes You're Making Creating Filters On Snapchat

Creating your own filter on Snapchat? Don't simply map out the area (or 'geofence' as Snapchat calls it) that your geofilter covers and tap submit. What we've learned from managing thousands of geofilter campaigns is that Snapchat isn't perfect. You can typically save yourself a significant amount of money on Snapchat's geofilter fee simply by spending some time minimizing and changing up your desired area's geofence.

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Snapchat Hack: How to See Who's Following You Back on Snapchat

What makes Snapchat so unique, is that there isn't a built in "discover" feature to help users easily see and find each other. Not only that, but there isn't even a way to directly see how many people are following you on Snapchat. Because Snapping revolves around people social with others, it's very important to know which of your friends actually follow you back and want to be sent your Snaps. Although Snapchat doesn't provide a "following you" indicator when you tap a user (to let you know they're following you back), still gave us this simple trick to figure it out.

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